There are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to choosing roofing supplies. At the top of the list of course, there is cost and then weight, style, colors and material. There are so many options these days anyone can find their best solution.

At one time there were unwritten rules about roofing supplies that were generally dictated by the area you lived in. There was the slate of the Northeast. Southwestern homes naturally went with tile roof covering and people of the South found metal or wood shingles to be their “appropriate” choice.

These days people are not locked into their choice of roofing supplies at by the area they live. Some type of asphalt singles are used on about 70% of new home roofs today. Asphalt is cost effective and comes in a variety of styles to suit the traditional as well as the non-traditional look many seek for their homes. This may or may not be the look you are after.

 It is commonly decided that most roofing styles match the home or the style that matches your surrounding neighborhood. There is also the popularity of matching a specific home style with a specific roof. A good example is concrete tile on stucco homes or slate roofing on brick homes. Many people are moving away from that and deciding on a style that is completely different and matches their own creative styling.

So Colorful
It would be easy to determine your roof covering if only certain types of roofing matched only certain exteriors. With asphalt roofing supplies the choice is not easy because of the many styles and colors to choose from. Wood and slate usually only come in natural colors so not as big of a choice there.

Color also has a lot to do with your energy efficient consciousness. Lighter colors for a warm climate will keep your home cooler by reflecting sunlight. Absorbing the heat from the sun in cooler climates is better served by choosing a darker colored roof.

Codes To Follow
Choosing the materials for your roofing supplies do sometimes have to follow specific building codes. There are requirements that some roofing supplies follow a standard fire rating in certain areas. Specifically if you choose flammable materials such as wood shake or shingles. These have to be treated with a fire retardant through a pressure treated process to help prevent accidents. Many would decide against the wood for this reason but there may be other restrictions. An example of this would be the preservation of a particular neighborhood. Historic areas usually require wood shingles to retain the integrity of a certain historical look or era.

Oh the Weight of it all
Many people have no reason to consider the weight a house must bear to hold up a roof. That is why you need a quality, knowledgeable roofing contractor. He will know the best roof frame system for your home and what you will need to use depending on what type of roofing you want. Standard roof systems will hold approximately 600 pounds per 100 square feet. This is perfect for asphalt shingles which weigh around 250 pounds every 100 square feet as opposed to choosing slate which will weigh about 2000 pounds every 100 square fee.

The Money Situation
While cost may play a role, it's never an issue when it comes to roofing supplies. If it is not an issue then you may go the route of slate which is a considerable expense. Slate will realistically run into several hundred dollars per 100 square feet and this cost may be offset by the longevity of the product, which could be 100 years. Asphalt may be the number one choice for cost effective issues for approximately $40 per 100 square feet.

You also want to be sure to hire a professional roofer at This may be a bit more expensive in the end. You do want to remember though that if your roofing is not installed properly then no matter the cost of the roofing supplies it will all have been a waste.