While some animals may be cute and cuddly, they could also be dangerous if left to roam the streets on their own. A scared or diseased animal could attack a human or injure a family pet while on a walk or while playing in its owner's yard. Therefore, it is important that animal control Mississauga services from pestcontrolmississauga.org are able to do their job properly.

What Can Animal Control Do?
Animal control can work with concerned citizens and local law enforcement groups to get potentially dangerous animals off the street. Although a dog that is seen walking around a neighborhood could be someone's pet who just got out of the yard, it could also be cold, hungry or otherwise anxious and ready to attack the first person it sees.

Why Is Animal Control Important?
Having an active animal control unit in a big city like Toronto is important because one dog bite or one attack from any other animal could create a health hazard. If a wild animal that has rabies bites somebody, that person could suffer from serious health problems and potentially pass on the disease to others in the city. Within days, there could be a huge health epidemic to deal with. However, if animals are taken off of the streets, there is less of a chance that they can pose health issues to themselves, other animals or people.

Reunite Lost Pets With Their Owners or Rehabilitate Stray Animals
A stray animal that is sick or undernourished may be taken to a shelter where it can be rehabilitated and given away as a pet to a family that would love and take good care of it. If an animal is lost or has run away, being picked up by animal control could allow it to be reunited with its owner. The odds of this happening go up if the animal has an identification chip that can tell an individual what the animal's name is and who it may belong to. Within hours or days, it can return home to its family instead of being placed in a shelter or potentially dying.

Animal control professionals provide a vital service that ensures that animals are treated fairly and that they are not able to hurt themselves or others. Instead of a family losing its pet, the animal can be rescued and returned to its owner unharmed and without having to go through a traumatic ordeal in the wild.